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About Sabala

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow


"Encouraging individuals to create and maintain stable lives."



To offer safe, clean, and affordable housing to individuals with limited incomes who live alone and have diverse needs and aspire to maximize their personal growth and employment opportunities.


What Sabala Offers:

Sabala International Center acts as the founding fiscal agent for Oasis Home and Oasis Home Courtyard. The housing program is created for women who need a safe, clean, and comfortable home to renew their minds, bodies, and souls. 

We do that by offering home stability for women at our leased properties. Women can safely build skills, self-confidence, and self-esteem to assist them in mastering the challenges they face everyday.  Whether it is a mental illness, physical illness, job injury, domestic violence, or any loss or limitation, Oasis offers the space to breath, regroup, and make plans for the next steps in life. Our living environments are nurturing structured homes that create kinships and learning opportunities by sharing the commonality of life lessons.

After a successful stay in our transitional housing, Oasis Home Courtyard, our permanent one bedroom apartment homes are offered (if space is available). They are twelve one-bedroom apartments that provide a peaceful courtyard setting for women desiring a "quiet enjoyment" environment.  They are rented at or slightly below market rates.

Sabala International Center emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire to respond to a community need. Established in September of 2017, we received 501(C)(3) allowing us to pursue our efforts of change within the Pierce County community at large. 


Community Partnerships

Since our inception, we have become known to many of the local housing agencies as an ideal place where women can thrive. To date, our partners are; World Vision, Metropolitan Development Council, Tacoma Rescue Mission, Associated Ministries, Catherine's Place, Comprehensive Life Resources and Salvation Army.

We are an organization driven by progressive ideas, inclusion, and a strong foundation of diverse support seeking to bring about change in our community.

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