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Meet the Team

Committed to the Cause


Evelyn Undziakiewicz

Founder and CEO

Evelyn has spent numerous years acquiring experience by surrounding herself with passionate and purposeful people. Evelyn graduated from Evergreen State College-Tacoma, WA, with a BA in Cultural Studies and Leadership Studies. Her experience as an adult student keeps her reflecting on the Evergreen Tacoma campus motto; “Enter to learn, depart to serve.” Overall, this learning experience shaped her path to participate in community betterment and reciprocity.

For all of her working years she has had exposure to various business cultures and worked in many human services environments.  Those experiences working with widely divergent professionals ensured her comfort level in creating opportunity for others.  Prior to founding Sabala International Center she has been successful in executive management roles for nonprofits that supports the arts and human services.  She worked as an operations manager, office manager, real estate agent, property manager and a social services case manager.  She is results-driven, dedicated and a technically skilled business professional with versatile administrative “know how” developed through hands on experience.

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