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Outreach Partnerships

Making A Difference

What a Blessing-Street Outreach & Youth Outreach

“What a Blessing” street outreach is a program that was created one year ago to serve as a direct resource to the homeless population. Our outreach is led by Antonio Evans, a passionate community volunteer. Contact is made with 55-110 homeless men, women, and youth one day a week. To date, we have had a face to face contact with and offered words of encouragement to over 3,000 homeless individuals, and we have provided sack lunches and basic hygiene items to 3,060 people.

The founder of this program has experienced homelessness, and his passion to “give back” is the motivating force of this outreach. Because of his weekly contact with homeless youth, he is sponsoring and mentoring a youth outreach. This year, we are reaching out to youth with a Tacoma School District volunteer and a Sabala International Center representative, Shanaelynn Godwin. This is an effort to support young men and women that attend the Willie Stewart Academy that has an enrollment of 150 students, and 50% of these students are homeless. Ms. Godwin is presently an undergraduate student at Tacoma Community College and an alum of the Willie Stewart Academy.

“I am so excited for this opportunity”-Shanaelyn Godwin.

Ø Limits-Community Ministry

“Ø Limits-Community Ministry” is a program based in the rural county of Madison County, (Jackson) Tennessee that has the financial support of Sabala International Center. We hope to make a difference in a rural community by supporting a poverty-stricken area. We intend to do this by supplying 100 elementary school-aged children with basic school supplies. A local community ministry coordinates this community program. We have partnered with this ministry to support families and schools that struggle with basic learning tools and supplies for elementary-aged students.

Jeffery Lopez Reeves is the event coordinator and has lived in Jackson, Tennessee, all his life. His passion for service to the community is realized this year. He joins Sabala International Center to distribute the backpacks and school supplies to elementary school-aged children in this rural area.

“The past two years have been difficult as I try to heal from injuries, and I have felt disabled. This opportunity has given me a purpose, and I feel I am doing something that gives me the true reward by giving to others.”-Jeffery Lopez Reeves.

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