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Hi, I am Tina!

Hi! I’m Tina, and I moved into Oasis Home in December last year. I will be helping with the content on this page and answering any questions you might have. I look forward to chatting with you and updating you on Oasis Home and all that is happening with Sabala International Center. Let me tell you a little bit about me...

I never expected to need a place like Oasis Home at Sabala International Center, and I am glad it exists here. I am entering my 5th year on disability

and never thought I would need it for so long. I had been technically homeless for almost two years, but for the most part, I “couch surfed” with friends, then I moved into my van to find cheaper pastures to live in other parts of the country. Then I had a health emergency that stopped that van plan in its tracks. I needed a safe place to land to do all I needed to get well again. That was when I found Oasis Home and Sabala International Center. I am very grateful to have a safe place to rest and figure things out and make some plans.

Speaking of plans, one of the deals in living here is that I get support with my goals; whether it’s housing, job, and life goals, we all get supported here. We have quarterly check-ins and help to find resources we might need.

There are other women here that have been in similar places as me- and women that have never even thought they would end up here and have been living on the streets for long periods. There are women here who are retirement age and others just starting in life. The stories of what got us here may all be different, but we are all equals here- and we are here to heal in one form or another, even if it is only the thing that got us to this place in the first place. I am so grateful that Oasis Home exists for women in need, like me.

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