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Tis the Season for a Reason to Garden!

We are getting ready to spread some love and joy to our surroundings and spruce up our garden areas here at Oasis Home! We are excited to expand our connection to bring life and color to our Oasis! Before we spend our limited allowance for such things, we thought we would reach out to our community and see if there are folks out there that have some gardening supplies and/or plants that they would like to donate to the cause!

Here's a list of things we could use:

• Rake

• Hoe

•Gardening Gloves (various sizes)

• Kneeling Pads

• Spades

• Gardening Forks

• Hand Trowels

• Water Hose (the longer the better)

• A little wagon, or wheeled cart. Not too big, and no wheelbarrows, please. We simply don't have the storage space.

Finally, we would love a donation of Gardening soil, and easy to maintain plants, preferably perennials. We love to use old things! If you've been looking to get rid of anything on that list, or perhaps you have 3 hand trowels, because maybe you're a bit like me and keep forgetting that you already have one at home? We would gladly accept the extras!

We plan to start our resident Gardening Spruce Up Party on Saturday, May 13th.

If you have items to donate, please feel free to contact us here, or by phone: 253.392.4599 and we can arrange a drop off or a pick up!

In leu of items, $$$ are always helpful to purchase what we need!

You can give using our paypal handle: or the qr code below:


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