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Who Do You Love and How?

Who do you love and how do you show that love? I've always believed that love is an action word. When I proclaim to love something or someone, the action I take after acknowledging that to myself demonstrates whether I do or not. Are you truly loving those you state you love? If your actions do not match up to your statements, don't fret! You can make a different choice starting today!

We don't need to wait until Valentine's Day to demonstrate the love we have for eachother, life, and ourselves. We can act upon the love we have everyday.

Ask yourself: Am I taking care of my home, my family and myself? If the answer is "YES" that is marvelous! If it is "NO" then start doing something about it.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. When you wake up tell those you love that you love them. Send a text, give a call, or speak to them in person to actually tell them how much you love them and why.

2. Look around your environment at home. If something is broken, out of place or bothering you because you know something must be done to make things better, start there. Identify what needs to be corrected and make a plan of action to correct the situation. That may involve calling a serviceman or woman, asking friends and family for help, or simply taking on the task yourself. The idea is to NOT just keep noting the problem, but to start working on the SOLUTION! Once you begin, momentum usually grows and before you know it, the issue is resolved. JUST START the process.

3. How about you? When you start your day, analyze how you are feeling. Identify any issues in the body, spirit and mind. If there are issues, ask yourself why you are feeling this way. Sit still and wait for the response if it is not immediate. With continued practice the answers will come. Once you know what is bothering your balance, you can take action to get back in to balance.

Sometimes that is as simple as eating something, stretching, praying, or even reaching out to someone that is on your mind. Don't ignore the signals you are given. Our being wants us to be well. It wants us to love ourselves so that we can have happy productive lives and be the best human we can be.

So, who do you love and if that is true, how are you displaying and acting on the love you proclaim?

Valentine's Day can be everyday! Love is an inside job that is expressed in our world by the actions we take.

So take my advice and LIVE and LOVE today and each day!

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